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■Retail floor from 10:00 to 21:00
■Restaurant floor from 11:00 to 23:00
※Business hours vary according to floors. → The details are this
★Thursday, February 21 should be closed day.

Facility, service


Multipurpose restroom

  • Equipped with restroom for child
  • Equipped with folding babies' seat

Other restrooms

B2F 2F 3F 4F 5F 6F 7F 8F

7F restroom is discerning restroom which created space of healing in seasonal aroma fragrance that aroma coordinator produces.
We install baby chair in private room.
In addition, ladies' Powder space of refined design in ladies' room is extensive, and chandelier shines on the sofa and directs luxury space.

Babies' lounge

  • Nursing room two rooms
  • Three diaper spare cribs
  • One paper pack drink vending machine
  • Equipped with water heater for milk formula
  • Microwave oven

Smoking room


Cold storage locker

  • Business hours from 10:00 to 20:45

※The year-end and New Year holidays are excluded

  • Rate once 100 yen

※Use becomes only for the day.
※We cannot store frozen goods.


  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Kawasaki mowers branch office
  • Town network service Kawasaki mowers branch office

Suruga Bank, the bank card use of others whole country financial institution are possible
(the details move to ※ outside site)

Business hours 10:00~21:00

ID photo


Business hours from 10:00 to 21:00

Vending machine (juice cigarette)


B1F 1F 7F The roof
  • The neighborhood of B1F azalea side entrance
  • The neighborhood of 1F front entrance
  • 7F baby lounge
  • The neighborhood of roof bicycle parking lot


  • The 1F silver Yanagi-cho side entrance side
  • The neighborhood of 1F front entrance

Public telephone

  • The 1F elevator side (in front of emergency staircase)

excel chair

  • 8F elevator hall

We install stairs refuge car "for" emergency that people having difficulty in own strength walk can criticize at the time of disaster using stairs.


  • The 1F elevator hall side

In Kawasaki mowers, we offer AED for unexpected emergency of customer of visit. Please speak to the staff of neighborhood on emergency.

Inquiry telephone in hall

  • The 1F elevator hall side

About credit card gift card

If it is card of JCB, VISA, Master Card, ginren card with mark, all can use.
※There is shop which is not available partly.

The following can use gift card, gift certificate.

Mitsubishi UFJ Nikos, JCB, UC, DC, AMEX Diners, VISA, byu, VJA, DAIICHI, Okada-ya gift certificate
※There is shop which is not available partly.

About shop which PASMO, Suica can use

[B2F]CARAVAN coffee, BIGGY, pure' s kotchin, uohide, real Chinese food incense orchid, chakojohama*en, takoyaki, Akashi grilled bee eight, okashinomachioka, saikazen, YASUNO Foodest, Toba, Mie Port mountain assistant nikutokoushizo
[B1F]Aoyama of clothes
[3F] Book off supermarket bazaar
[4F] The Daiso, central contact lenses, Kitamura
[5F] Ann co-ton, Sion, Yamamoto-type manipulative refreshment, hakujupuraza
[6F] Book off supermarket bazaar

Cafe & restaurant

[2F]Starbucks coffee
[7F]La pauza, young bamboo, Fujiya restaurant
[8F] Sunset first star Kawasaki bar of public bar Kawasaki of the Showa era